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How To Get Verified On Couchsurfing For Free Reddit

Couchsurfing verification reddit date things to do in san jose By searching profiles, you can stay with strangers for free! I have made long-lasting friends from crashing on their couches. I find it to be safe, convenient, couchsurfing verification reddit fun. I know it sounds creepy, and the one that lied about his age 16 was creepy.

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Updated. May 06, 2012, 11. That entire trip, she stayed in hotels for four — yes — four days. Shah, 37, was able to largely steer clear of hotels thanks to Couch Surfing, the practice of temporarily lodging a traveller for free.


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She found a friendly host on Couchsurfing. She was never heard from again. She was backpacking on a shoestring budget and hoping to relax for a few days before deciding on her next destination.

COUCHSURFING FOR GIRLS!! My experience with a Female Couchsurfer in Turkey


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It allows travellers and locals to connect with each other online, in order to meet offline, so that they can share hospitality, cultures, and adventures. It can be used to meet people both locally or on the road. Most commonly, CouchSurfing is used to find another member who can host you let you sleep at their house for free. How Does CouchSurfing Work? Users create a profile and use this to contact other members.



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