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11 True Scary Stories That’ll Keep You up All Night

Creepy things found in the woods reddit rebound relationship guy Ready to explore the dark side of reality? This list features scary stories about hidden cameras and photo-loving stalkers. Some of these scary stories even have silver linings as the storyteller escapes from danger, or, as in one scary story, a granny stares down a creepy things found in the woods reddit serial killer. Via GIPHY Whether you love watching scary movies or can barely handle a haunted house, here are 11 creepy true stories from Reddit that will have you sleeping with the lights on tonight! Age. Not given.

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It was a quiet place to grow up with one school, a doctors, a police station, a cinema with films shown a month after the national release date , two restaurants and a host of local shops on the west side. Over on the east side of Fenter was the residential area with about forty houses, the town bar and the local woods, which were about twenty square miles in across. Still this gave us plenty of space to play in and we spent many summers building tree forts and playing hide and seek amongst the tall trees. I was just reaching the hill where the creek bent and curved round to travel off north for another three miles when I spied one chewing on some leaves near an oak tree.

Whats The Scariest Thing You've Seen In The Woods? (r/AskReddit Scary)

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Yet we keep coming back for more, because for some sick reason, scary stories get our blood pumping in ways no other form of entertainment can. Most times, they have. If you have an account with Reddit, make sure you get over there and give OP an upvote. So many devil roads, cursed highways, and satanist driveways exist across the US that you could probably make a cross country road trip from only ghost streets.

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The trees and wind play tricks on you, and things that would otherwise seem completely normal freak you the fuck out. We were in a camp ground but not a lot of people there and the spots were semi private because of trees and foliage. So we had just settled down in the tent and I was just falling asleep when through my eyelids, the whole tent lights up. I jump up and go out of the tent thinking someone is messing around. Not a soul or any noise, nothing.



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