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Unlikely Celebrity Couples

Current celebrity romances cliq dating app More Articles August 02, 2018 Celebrities are some of the most beloved people on the planet. They are also some of the most hated. The same can be said about celebrity couples; they either rokances us wish for a similar union or make us want to throw things at the wall every time we see current celebrity romances. And some couples, of course, current celebrity romances even more despised than others.

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It's pretty obvious that the A-lister shares a special bond with the lovely Camila. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been spotted leaving her house located in Los Angeles. Camila is indeed a charming lady who's almost 23 years younger than Leo. At only 20, the beautiful model doesn't seem to be much bothered by such marginal things like age gaps anyway.

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Fingers crossed. Mar 29, 2018 Getty Images The celebrity couple rumor mill is always churning. While it's mostly tittle-tattle, there are certain romance "news" items that, in our heart of hearts, we're dying to be true.

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