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11 reasons why you really shouldn’t date a musician

Dating a broke musician boogeyman meaning in malayalam Print Article AA Musicians are a sexy bunch. Something about black eyeliner, a spotlight and a slow ballad in a room full of smoke and lasers can drive any sane person to the depths of groupie whoredom in a back alley or a stinky tour bus. Not that we would personally know ahem ; we avoid romantic entanglements with rhythm makers at all costs. Sure, musicians have the best parties, connections to celebrities and always know the coolest music, but are they worth their dating a broke musician cover charge?

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Share Thanks to Audrey Watts and Dave from the Tits In the Bad Ideas Hall of Fame, dating a musician ranks with having one more drink for the road, getting a credit card in college, or assuming that rash will clear up on its own. Despite the stereotypes about band dudes—that they're self-absorbed, financially capricious and eternally resistant to growing up—women still insist on hitching their starry-eyed wagons to the backs of tour buses. Los Angeles drowns in actors and New York swells with writers, but Nashville's dating-pool albatross is distinctly guitar-shaped. You can't throw a dart here without hitting a gig bag.

What it's like to date a musician

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Broke Date - Anwar Jibawi

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