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The Best Netflix Series to Watch Right Now

Dating around netflix rotten tomatoes scooby doo and guess who imdb They have to be entertaining enough to please two people that potentially have very different tastes. They should be dating around netflix rotten tomatoes, at least enough to stoke the romantic flames of a couple that have to navigate their relationship though the boring, hard realities of daily life. Finally, a date night movie shouldn't bum dating around netflix rotten tomatoes out too badly— Schindler's List might be a great movie, but 'depressed about the state of humanity' is not the desired date vibe. Ahead of Valentine's Day, Newsweek has looked at critical review aggregation websites Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and IMDb to find which date-night-friendly movies got the best scores from critics and viewers alike.

This is a phenomenon that goes back at least to the 1980s, when Chuck Woolery was hooking people up on the original Love Connection. The more disastrous the date is, the more we want to watch. Netflix has gotten on the dating reality show bandwagon with Dating Around, clipping together five blind dates into one flirty, immensely awkward mega-date. But will you want to watch?

The streaming giant's upcoming horror series The Haunting of Hill House is reportedly dubbed as 'the first great horror TV show. Based on Shirley Jackson's iconic novel of the same name, The Haunting Hill House is a modern retelling of a group of siblings who, as children, grew up in what would go on to become the most famous haunted house in the USA.

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