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DeAndre Hopkins Contract Extension Breakdown

Deandre hopkins contract year alanna digiovanni instagram Print Article AA Certain aspects of roster construction have come more easily than others for the Houston Deandre hopkins contract year on general manager Rick Smith's watch, and when someday the book is written on Smith's reign over personnel, one of the very feandre chapters will be his supreme success with first-round draft choices from 2008 through, well, pretty much the present. Additionally, after years of butting up against the salary cap's ceiling and having little flexibility in player shopping, Smith and his staff have become far more proficient in managing cap dollars, a deandre hopkins contract year reason the Texans had money to buy a franchise quarterback and starting running back this offseason. These contrct areas intersect at what has become an annual tradition for the Texans — the contract extension of their first-round picks a year before they hit free agency. Of the last five first-round picks, four have inked deals with the team with a year remaining on their rookie deals.

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Hopkins' contract capped a heavy day of business for the defending AFC South champions. They signed four of their top young players to contract extensions, according to sources. The most significant deal was inked by Hopkins, though, as the team followed through on public assurances from owner Bob McNair and general manager Rick Smith that they would secure their most accomplished offensive skill player for the future.

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