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Why is the last third of Death Note so hated? [spoilers]

Death note anime arcs readelf get rpath Endings are challenging in any medium, death note anime arcs the business of anime and manga seems to positively militate against them. Consider the lowly mangaka. What incentive does she have to invest in intricate arcs with subtle connections and callbacks? Or even think about an ending? On the other hand, comparison death note anime arcs making movies is not apt either as even indie movies filmed on a shoestring cost dozens of thousands of dollars, while drawing manga is so cheap that thousands of amateurs routinely sell their work for the cost of printing 2 or for nothing online.

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However, Netflix's Death Note managed to attract a lot of viewers that never experienced the manga or anime, but were happy with the movie's premise and storyline for what it was. With those two camps of viewers both pulling at the prospect of Death Note 2, we arrive at the big question looming over the sequel. Should Death Note 2 stick to the manga? Or go in its own direction? The Next Chapters The Death Note Netflix movie played it fast and loose with the manga source material, but it would seem that Death Note 2 would likely pick up into Volume 5 and beyond, for the arc that sees L play a cat-and-mouse game with Light, by having him join the Kiara task force, while still suspecting that he's actually Kira. The presence of a copycat Kira makes Light join up with L, to gain more insight into the Kira investigation, ultimately ending up incarcerated.

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This post will delve into some narrative choices that Death Note makes in the second arc of the series and try to resolve the hateful opinions that have grown around it since its airing in 2006-2007. It will spoil, so be warned. For a well-known and well-loved anime, Death Note can get a lot of hate. This is unfortunate for many reasons. This, I believe, needs to be looked at from a more critical perspective in order to explain its role in the plot.

By. K-Danuve Alt ending to the anime. Just to let you know, things are not always as the seem. Chapter 33. The Slayer has struck again, Sayu's in college, and Light's plan begins to come together. It's an alternate ending to the anime, but will rewind the last few episodes, after the first chapter, for clarification on main OC and to set up the alt ending. There are a few OC's, but you'll recognize most of the cast.

Death Note - WORTH THE HYPE? - Anime Review #57

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