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Demi Lovato Is Back In The Studio, According To Idina Menzel’s Instagram — PHOTO

Demi lovato instagrame singles ministry raleigh nc That might not seem like that long, but it demi lovato instagrame a meaningful and impressive turnaround for the singer, who was rushed to hospital back in July following an apparent demi lovato instagrame overdose. Lovato shared an Instagram story with her legions of fans to share a picture of a chip that represents her half-year milestone, as well as a slice of cake that honours her progress. In front of the cake is a card that reads "Happy 6 mo.

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Sharing a photo of the two of them together on Tuesday, Menzel wrote "Ran into the beautiful and talented ddlovato at the studio today! However, it's still very good news. Lovato being in the studio could mean she's recording brand new music. In fact, Lovato has been hinting at new music for over a year. Back in May of 2018, she teased that she'd been working on new music in a tweet, responding to a fan who was asking if she was officially done promoting singles off her album Tell Me You Love Me.


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Demi Lovato live stream on Instagram w/ Nick Jonas (November, 30)

Demi Lovato Instagram storie (Deleted)

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