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Development and Validation of the Smartphone Addiction Inventory

Development and validation of the smartphone addiction inventory dating a girl with anxiety reddit Among the results, statistically significant differences in E-SAPS18 scores were found in gender, age, level of education, smartphone addictoon use and self-reported addiction. Furthermore, correlates suggest that smartphone addiction, social media use, and Internet addiction might share a similar underlying mechanism. However, these digital technologies have the added benefit of allowing us to economize both time and money, to the extent that access to personal computers is quickly becoming irrelevant.

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The psychometric properties of the inventory were evaluated through the data obtained from 330 undergraduate students. A confirmatory factor analysis CFA was employed to validate the inventory. Further, the CFA results suggested that correlations between the four constructs and their 26 items were valid. Thus, it is important to note that Turkish version of the SPAI adapted in this study is a valid and reliable instrument for measuring smartphone addiction in Turkey. Keywords Smartphone addiction.

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smartphone addiction inventory spai ): psychometric properties and confirmatory factor analysis

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