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Elaine benes seinfeld quotes younes bendjima height Himym trivia team names Question 15 15. When they team up, he and Barney Elaine benes seinfeld quotes been nearly three years since How I Met Your Mother aired its final episode, and we're still in mourning. Are you looking for the best name?

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Over the course of nine seasons, Seinfeld, a. From dinner party etiquette, to Junior Mints, to getting caught picking your nose at a stop light, there was no social custom or situation too small for Seinfeld to tackle, making the now iconic sitcom always feel fresh. You've heard the phrase, "Don't sweat the small stuff," right? Well, Seinfeld's writers ate, slept, and breathed the small stuff — and it led to the creation of some seriously amazing comedic material.

Elaine Benes Tribute

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