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Cate Edwards: What No One Knows About My Mother, Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth edwards net worth badoo mobile pres de chez toi And the thoughts come back occasionally," says the Harvard Law School student, who is interested in public-interest law. Up until this point in our conversation, Cate — who is sitting in the bar of New York's Hudson hotel looking fresh and chic in a navy silk Rozae Nichols elizabeth edwards net worth, J Brand skinny jeans, and Rainbow flip-flops, her dark hair framing her pretty face — is eloquent and funny, talking about fashion she loves Marc Jacobs elizabeth edwards net worth would wear Vera Wang if she went to the inaugural ballsher idyllic childhood in Raleigh, and her father's current run in the 2008 presidential race. But now that our chat shifts to her mother's health, for the first time I can hear a tremor in her voice.

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Email Whenever I went to the doctor as a child, I insisted on having my mom in the room, sitting next to me. Any time I got a shot, Mom would tell me, "Squeeze my hand as hard as it hurts. It was then I realized the importance of having someone's hand to hold—and the fact that every once in a while, it's important to be the hand that gets squeezed. On December 7, 2011, it will be one year since my mother, Elizabeth Edwards, passed away from metastatic breast cancer at age 61. That day feels both like an eternity ago—and as if it were yesterday.

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Elizabeth Edwards' Last Days

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Why John, Elizabeth Edwards Split



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