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The extension mechanism - overview and caveats

Extension directory in java risotto death jojo It is the job of the Java installer to copy the extension JAR files, normally bundled with the installer, into the right location of the Java 2 Runtime i. Note that each extension JAR file must extension directory in java proper link information. Native Installer An extension can also be installed through a native installer. During installation the JAR file will be downloaded and verified, and the native installer will be started.

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Examples and practices described in this page don't take advantage of improvements introduced in later releases. Understanding Extension Class Loading The extension framework makes use of the class-loading delegation mechanism. When the runtime environment needs to load a new class for an application, it looks for the class in the following locations, in order. Bootstrap classes. the runtime classes in rt. The class path. classes, including classes in JAR files, on paths specified by the system property java. By default, the java.

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This method will handle a file in either Unix or Windows format. The prefix length includes the first slash in the full fileName if applicable. Thus, it is possible that the length returned is greater than the length of the input string. These must be followed by a server name, so double-slashes are not collapsed to a single slash at the start of the fileName.

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