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Famous and Powerful Eunuchs of the Ancient World

Famous castrations in history friends to lovers signs Opinions expressed by Famous castrations in history Contributors are their own. Better known as Farinellihis stage name, he became the greatest opera singer of the 18th century, performing all over Europe. This was the height of popularity of castratimen who had been castrated as boys, before their voices changed.

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Walter Stevenson argues that the term spado does not seem to have included those who were castrated. Spadones could pass on an inheritance. Some spadones were born that way -- without strong sexual characteristics. Charles Leslie Murison says that Ulpian a third century A.

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BY Martha Brozyna July 29, 2009 Eunuchs, or castrated men, have played an important part in many cultures throughout the world since ancient times. Others were castrated as adults as punishment for crimes committed that were sexual in nature. Still others castrated themselves as a result of zealous religious beliefs or fear of sexual temptation.

Koothandavar Temple organises Koovagam festival for Indian transgenders and eunuchs

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FARINELLI'S HERITAGE • Artistic, Cultural and Historical



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