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8 TV Sociopaths We Love to Hate

Famous fictional sociopaths green world group certificate verification TV shows like 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Walking Dead' feature characters so detestable that they're strangely appealing. But are they sociopaths? No, thanks. Watch one on TV from the safety famous fictional sociopaths your sofa? Yes, please!

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Need for excitement Antisocial behavior The inner lives of psychopaths are mysterious and therefore intriguing; we often ask ourselves of real-life serial killers, "How could someone do such a thing? They also allow us to play out any personal fantasies we may harbor about obtaining acclaim or power. But this still doesn't explain why we often find ourselves cheering on, or at least laughing off, Amy from Gone Girl or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. The moment we begin rooting for a psychopathic antihero—or at least hoping he doesn't fall flat on his face—can be unsettling. If Frank Underwood had been thrown in jail, or Humbert Humbert's plans to run off with Lolita had been thwarted, we'd likely feel a little cheated, as observers.

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There is limited evidence that sociopathy is the result of a brain injury or embedded belief system, whilst psychopathy has a hereditary component. Some academics have estimated that one in twenty-five of the population may be a sociopath or show sociopathic tendencies.

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William Shakespeare How many times have you imagined smashing someone's windshield with a tire iron after they cut you off in traffic? Or stabbing your boss with a sharp pencil when he denies you that raise yet again? Or conning your way into a carefree life of luxury?