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FDG PET/CT in the liver: lesions mimicking malignancies.

Fdg avid liver lesions wheatgrass juice bangalore Infantile choriocarcinoma with cutaneous, liver, and lung metastases Infantile choriocarcinoma with cutaneous, liver, and lung metastases Image Gallery CASE Read more An otherwise healthy 37-day-old male lessions to dermatology with a pedunculated, friable red glabellar mass centered between the eyes. The patient was admitted for further workup. An elevated beta hCG, anemia 7. MRI and ultrasound examinations led to a percutaneous biopsy; fdg avid liver lesions was consistent with choriocarcinoma. The recent expansion of coverage from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has made its use even more feasible for community-based hospitals and independent imaging centers. To maximize throughput, many of these centers use a 50- to 60-min uptake time after 18F-FDG injection while arguing that the counting statistics are improved using this protocol 1 — 3. However, this shorter protocol results in a lower target-to-background ratio, which can increase the challenge of identifying mildly 18F-FDG—avid lesions and differentiating inflammatory or physiologic activity from malignant activity 4 — 6. The purpose of this study was to determine the delay between radiotracer injection and imaging that optimizes target-to-background ratio while maintaining counts high enough to ensure scan sensitivity.

Positron emission tomography

metabolically active lesion in liver

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benign vs malignant liver lesions

false positive pet scan liver

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