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Frankenweenie characters weird girl reddit gift for boyfriend The creator of Coraline, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and other well known movies frankenweenie characters weird girl another cute—yet creepy—story to life. Frankenweenie is the story of Victor Cnaracters and his adorable dog Sparky. The movie takes place in the dreamy little town of New Holland. It all begins with Victor and his parents, Mr.

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What's it about? Young Victor Frankenstein Charlie Tahan is an exceptional student with an aptitude for science and a love of movies, but he doesn't have any friends except his faithful dog, Sparky. After Sparky is hit by a car, Victor is devastated... Rzykruski Martin Landau , inadvertently convinces him that there is a way to bring Sparky back. The experiment is a success, and Sparky lives again, though not without some complications, including the need to be recharged occasionally.

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And he doesn't care who knows it. For instance, the film features a big-eyed blond moppet known only as Weird Girl longtime Burton favorite Catherine O'Hara, who voices three characters , who regards her equally eerie cat Mr.

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