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All the Gossip Girl Restaurants in NYC That You Have to Try

Gossip girl college bucket list episode israel houghton songs in spanish Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn't look right. When I source in middle school, I obviously wanted to be Blair, and tbh I still do. Sadly, I do not have a hot man and a ridiculously large trust fund to rely on, so I decided to settle on eating at the Gossip Girl restaurants instead because.

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Everyone couldn't get enough of Chuck and Blaire, to the point that they became a "relationship goal. Nate was always trying to get his dad out of financial predicaments, and Dan was in-and-out of "lonely boy" until that one day he shocked us all and spilled the beans about being Gossip Girl all along. Girls all over discovered "Gossip Girl" was on Netflix, and that was the end of any social involvement. We were all that person that would start one episode and tell ourselves, "Just this one episode, and I'll do my homework. You just couldn't get enough.

CAMERON BOYCE Reveals What It Takes to be His Girl!

You may even have a best friend trip planned with the Serena to your Blair. So, when you're deciding on where to stay, if you love Gossip Girl , you'll love these classy AF places on Airbnb. You can thank me later. Most of these spots are steps away from prime shooting locations from the show. By day, you and your bestie can prance around Central Park, eat lunch on the steps of the Met, and go shopping on Fifth Avenue.

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Preschool from a two year olds view point.

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