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Man Charged After Stabbing Driver Who Hit Pedestrian In Watertown

Guy stabs tow truck driver san buenaventura mission gift shop CRAIG — The only warning was the sudden rock of the slow-moving truck as the man launched forward, knife in hand, to attack the driver. It was one of many split-second decisions that would ultimately save his life and see his attacker — Justin Madrid — in jail, facing a list of crimes including criminal attempted first-degree murder. Two men, including Madrid, walked into the trick asking if someone could give them a ride or guy stabs tow truck driver jump for vehicle, which had slid off the side of the nearby highway. The men looked cold and appeared as though they worked in the surrounding oil fields, Wilson thought.

tow truck driver stabbed

His two dogs were injured, one from ricocheting bullets. Police said the tow-truck driver was trying to repossess a silver Toyota Sienna minivan in the parking lot of the Santana Food Market at 18th and Dickinson Streets when the altercation broke out with a friend of the van's owner. The tow-truck driver fatally shot the 32-year-old man about 10.20 a. The driver said he shot the man in self-defense, police said. As of late Friday afternoon, charges had not been filed.

Man charged with intent to murder in attack on tow truck driver

watertown stabbing tow truck driver

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tow truck driver stabbed

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Woman Hit, Killed By Tow Truck, Driver Stabbed

No Bail For Man Charged With Stabbing Truck Driver Who Ran Over Mother

watertown stabbing tow truck driver

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