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13 Hanna & Caleb Moments From 'Pretty Little Liars' That Define Them As A Couple

Hanna and caleb kisses cohabitation vs marriage articles Blackmail, cyber bullying, a dalliance with Hanna's best friend. But the Hanna hanna and caleb kisses Caleb moments on Pretty Little Liars that define them as a couple have got to give you hope about how likely it is that their marriage will last. After all, romance in Rosewood is never easy, even when a wedding ring's involved — or should that be especially if a wedding ring is involved?

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By Kaitlin Reilly Aug 3 2015 Pretty Little Liars fans may watch the show to find out just who the heck A is, but it's not just the mystery that keeps us coming back week after week. it's also the love stories. There may be plenty of murder and mayhem in Rosewood, but that doesn't mean that love isn't in perpetually in the air — or that people aren't getting some serious lip action on. It's relatively amazing that anyone in Rosewood has the time to get their kissing on what with all the above mentioned chaos occurring but boy are fans glad that they do.

Every Haleb Kiss [S1-S7] - 1080p Logoless

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Share After weeks of tearful back-and-forths between Spencer and Caleb, "Wanted. Dead or Alive" finally offered a resolution to their romantic entanglement. Neither of them seemed all that thrilled about it, but Spencer and Caleb broke up on Pretty Little Liars and Haleb fans are definitely cheering. Spencer and Caleb's relationship has been quietly imploding since the show returned for Season 7 thanks to resurgence of Caleb's feelings for Hanna. Though they tried to brush their kiss off, the love triangle had gotten a little too tangled to untangle without causing someone heartbreak and unfortunately that someone was Spencer.

hanna and caleb first kiss

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Pretty Little Liars 1x19 Hanna and Caleb Scenes

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