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Hayley Williams' Brand, GOOD DYE YOUNG, to Launch Hair Color at Sephora

Hayley williams hair now bangalore water news 2019 Together, we will empower our community to see hair as a canvas for self-expression. I really hope everyone is into color, cause we're bringing all of it! The sentiment is echoed by her hayley williams hair now, "This launch means everything to us. Sephora is a partnership we've dreamed of for years. Some people change their hair after big life events like a breakup or a job change. Others get bangs. Hayley Williams seems to change her hair with every big Paramore event. From albums to tours, her hair has never looked the same twice — we could write an entire article just on her separate orange hair looks there have been more than you realized.

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Paramore - Hayley Williams' Hair - CBBC Pop Slam!

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