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5 Juicy Questions for … Henry Cavill

Henry cavill ellen whitaker photos why so many single men in new york Here's what we know about the Brit star and what he's up to now. The 6ft 1 star was privately educated in Jersey before attending Stowe School in Buckinghamshire, England. It was there that he developed his interest in acting.

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But no one bothers him. We are far from Hollywood, in every sense. Cavill is the latter. He is a gentleman.

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By Kayleigh Donaldson Celebrity November 29, 2017 Depending on whatever profile or interview you read, Henry Cavill is either the luckiest man in Hollywood or the most cursed. You name it, Cavill was allegedly the front-runner before falling at the last hurdle. James Bond, Batman, Edward Cullen, a role in the Harry Potter movies, and of course, Superman, albeit in a totally different project from the one he was ultimately cast in. However, he did audition for Bond at the age of 22, getting as far as a screen-test, and was cast in a version of the Superman role that was to be headed up by McG and entitled Superman. Flyby, but once financing fell through, McG was out and Bryan Singer was in, and he came with his own casting choice for the lead.

Ellen Whitaker - Iris

henry cavill and margot robbie

Kendall Jenner's Shocking Horse Photos! Henry Cavill's Superman Replacement! AND... - Perez Hilton

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