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Someone Used My Photo To Create A Fake Tinder Account, And It Could Happen To You

How to report catfishing on tinder sls 2019 mercedes You may have noticed the Australian media has recently held a spotlight on the issue of internet fraud, specifically, internet dating how to report catfishing on tinder. It has become such a hot topic because so many of us are falling victim to scams, we need to raise awareness and learn how to protect ourselves. Although the majority of these covert predators are based in Africa, mainly Nigeria and Ghana, they show up on our dating sites as attractive, Western-looking, perfect potential dates. At a glance, they seem like great dates. Anyone can fall victim to an internet scamnot just the naive or socially inexperienced.

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I did pull some pretty creepy moves to figure out that the guy that I was chatting with on Tinder wasn't being honest. But before I meet up with a stranger I met on the Internet, I think it's fair to do a bit of research. I came across Brian's photo late one night.

Track Down a Tinder Profile with Location Spoofing on Google Chrome

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