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9 culture shocks Americans will have in Hungary

Hungarian mentality values behavior and thinking funny dating profiles pof And for the record I'm not one of them, getting totally wasted, go to all the bars, hit on all the girls type people. Just simple things like trying to buy some snacks at the local store! Can I chime in?

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The Hungarian national character is in many ways fundamentally distorted and flawed, the causes of which are deeply rooted. For many centuries, Hungarian history consisted of setbacks, defeats, and crushed revolutions. These failures were accompanied by a typical narrative, which, according to social psychology research, is characterized by a marked victim mentality, resignation, self-pity, blaming others and an absence of accepting any responsibility. This pessimistic mental representation is compensated for by an often grandiose, unrealistic and romanticized nation-image, which visualizes a world-beating role for the Hungarians. There is no other country where the national identity is so fragile that it has to be bolstered in such a blatant manner and where an official committee decides that we should be proud of — for example, of a Hungarian salami or sausages, as if such goods did not exist elsewhere.

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The romantic baroque city where rivers and nations meet... It is not a major offense to study someone on the Metro.

Life Living in Budapest, Hungary

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