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Top Comedian and Netflix Favourite, Iliza Shlesinger, Is Coming To Ottawa This Weekend

Iliza shlesinger netflix hashtags dating at 101 years old Comment Iliza Shlesinger is back with a brand new Netflix special, Elder Millennial yurkowski instagram pete to cause many laughs among viewers. At 35, Iliza Shlesinger is at the cut-off of being classed as a Millennial 1980-present and she uses that as the main basis of her new stand-up special, Elder Millennial. Newly engaged, relationships iliza shlesinger netflix hashtags one of the main segments within her new stand-up special, along with the effort women take to attract men. Hashtaga between men and women is another thing that Iliza also talks about; mentioning quickly everything in which women are still not equal to a man in life before going back to women and men hitting on each other and how men deal with rejection better than women. Throughout her special, Iliza speaks the truth about women iliza shlesinger netflix hashtags how they are in regards to relationships but brings out a comical essence to it all.

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Thank you so much! Thank you. Thank you so much… for being here. So… first up on the agenda is… I got engaged. I appreciate that enthusiasm.

Iliza Shlesinger: War Paint - The Grabbing Hand

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A quick scroll through her Instagram will show just that — the creative, hilarious, touching, and inclusive community of fans she has created during her rise to fame in the comedy industry. In 2018, she released Elder Millennial, her fourth Netflix stand up special for the streaming service. She plans to record her fifth special at the end of May during her worldwide tour. We had the chance to chat with her ahead of the double header 7pm and 9.30pm at the NAC this Friday night.

iliza shlesinger script

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