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How to spot the INTJ Female…

Intj female appearance dating agency northern ireland Drenth Do people with similar personalities look alike? The notion that the body reflects and reveals our inner personality has been espoused by numerous theorists over the last century or so. Carl Jung, for instance, believed that intj female appearance mind, body, and personality were inextricably intj female appearance. Since fsmale form is compounded of body and mind, a general characterology must teach the significance of both physical and psychic features. INTJ women are very private, and they don't share as much with other women. Female INTJs will disobey authority if the think authority wrong. They are not supportive of others. Female INTJs are both logical and objective, and they put logic above nurturing and their feelings.

INTJ Female and Eating Preferences

being an intj woman

But still for the other blind men and dumbasses, here are some key indicators that you have met an INTJ woman. And chances are high, I am correct in typing them.

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intj female traits

The INTJ girl may experience bullying from other girls in her age range for not adhering to societal norms because her actions will appear to others more like those expected from a boy. This lack of acceptance from other females will likely encourage the INTJ girl to primarily, or even exclusively, befriend boys throughout her childhood.



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