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Manitowoc Cousins Subs franchisees expand with Appleton location | Chamber Notebook

Is cousins subs only in wisconsin christian singles dating quotes Whitehead It's a truth that reveals itself over and over is cousins subs only in wisconsin that sometimes the best of everything can be found right in your own backyard. Cousins has always been a brand with its heart in the Badger State, but back in 2012 it really took a deeper dip into its "Wisconsin-ness" when the chain added the state's renowned cheese curds to the menu. That worked so well, the brand expanded soon its locally sourced product pool in 2015 to offer all Wisconsin-based cheeses, as well as something Badger State-esque to wash it down with in the form of the state's locally created Sprecher root beer. The timing was not only perfect to sync with the world's growing interest in locally based goods, but also to tap into customers' obvious love for their hometown products. In fact, today Cousins serves products from 14 of the state's companies including, the aforementioned products as well as Best Maid Cookies, Knaus Cheese and Klement's Sausage Company, among others, according to information from leadership at the brand is cousins subs only in wisconsin to QSRweb. After 44 years in the sub shop industry, Cousins Subs is rolling out a streamlined look and feel across all locations as it seeks to expand its footprint throughout the Midwest. This will be accomplished through a new in-store and exterior design concept, the remodeling of all existing locations and rebranding of key brand attributes. However, the road to this transition has been years in the making and the journey to get there did not come without its hurdles. From 2008 to 2012, Cousins along with many others in the industry, felt the impact of economic decline.

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Block Out Hunger with Cousins Subs and the Bucks

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