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Iter latin derivative

Iter latin derivative asic form 2015a BMCR 2018. ISBN 9780865168534. This is an enjoyable book for anyone with a minimal Latin background who is interested in words.

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Introduction The Latin adjective secundus is a gerundive derivation from the verb sequi, 'to follow'. Only this meaning of the adjective survived in the extant Romance languages. Ancient etymologists had already identified the logical derivation of the ordinal from the meaning of the verb. Within this semantic domain, the adjective ge- nerates a denominative verb secundare, 'to favor'.

Also. interjacence, interjacency. Also. conjecturable, conjectural involving conjecture; inclined to conjecture , conjecturer. Also. ejaculate to exclaim vehemently; to eject semen , ejaculative, ejaculator, ejaculatory. Also. interjection act of interjecting; something interjected; a word or short phrase expressing emotion and separated by a comma or commas from the rest of the sentence , interjector, interjectory, interjectional, interjectionalize to make into an interjection. Also. ignescent bursting into flame; giving off sparks when struck with steel.

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