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At Mrs. Kennedy’s Side: My Memories of JFK’s Funeral

Jackie kennedy funeral procession jamal from empire boyfriend in real life Kennedy Jr. Widow Jacqueline Kennedy center and daughter Caroline Kennedy are accompanied by the late president's brothers Sen. It was the morning of Nov. Advertisement Standing on the steps of St.

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During the long winter of 1963, during the lonely nights that seemed to never end, the wakeful nights that no quantity of vodka could assuage, Jackie Kennedy would relive the sliver of time between the first gunshot, which had missed the car, and the second, which hit both the president and Texas governor John Connally. Those three and a half seconds became of cardinal importance to her. So, again and again that winter of 1963-64, she rehearsed the same brief sequence. If only she had been looking to the right, she told herself, she might have saved her husband.

JACKIE - VFX Breakdown

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The following excerpts from Mrs. Kennedy and Me and Five Presidents reveal what really happened from someone who was there. Jackie's secret service agent Clint Hill.

How Rose Kennedy Reacted to JFK Assassination

Он сказал: "Когда вы говорите о фильме, не надо размахивать руками". Мудрый совет. И Иосиф Львович Долинский имел на него право, хотя, в общем, свою жизнь он прожил очень робко, ни на что не претендуя, все время чего-то боясь.



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