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Marriages between Koreans and foreigners increase but divorces do too

Korean marrying foreigners comeet live russian Why Korean marrying foreigners men want to marry foreign women? From the mid-1990s, on a majority of posters appearing in Seoul subway stations, it could be seen foreiggners South Korea government was making a concerted effort to encourage local girls to marry farmers. Since korean marrying foreigners 1960s, young women had an incentive to move from countryside to the city due to the desire of chasing a better life.

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S Korea imposes new restrictions on marriages with foreigners Apr. An influx of foreign brides -- overwhelmingly from other Asian countries -- began in earnest in 2000 and peaked in 2005 when more than 30,000 were given resident-through-marriage visas. The trend was triggered by the large numbers of young, rural women leaving to find work and a new life in Seoul and other South Korean cities, leaving behind male-dominated communities with not enough potential wives to go around. Since 2000, 236,000 foreign women have settled in South Korea through marriage, giving birth to about 190,000 children, according to data compiled by state-run Statistics Korea. At first, South Korea did nothing to restrict the role of the marriage brokers, believing they were fulfilling a useful service in helping to improve a radically declining birth rate and labor force in the countryside.

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