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Laverne shirley s01e12 hi neighbor

Laverne and shirley hi neighbor date night ideas in arizona It quickly became a hit in it's own rights, even surpassing Laverne and shirley hi neighbor Days to become one of the most popular shows of the 70's. However, most of the comedy is generated by how these two funny and talented actresses' characters complement one another, rather than conflict with each other. Marshall and Williams chemistry together is really evident, even in this First Season set. Rounding out the cast were Phil Foster as Laverne's father and the owner of the Pizza Bowl, a pizzeria-cum-bowling alley and Carmine "The Big Ragu" Ragusa Eddie Mekkawho was a boxer, singer, dance instructor and recurring love-interest of Shirley's. But their chance to mingle with "society Folk" goes awry when they rent gowns from laverne and shirley hi neighbor not-to-be-trusted Lenny and Squiggy, and Laverne picks Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli as her "classy" escort. Laverne slumped down in her seat, very unhappy. Laverne looked aroud, "Shirl, it's a train station, not Paris, Rome, or even some little dump in the middle of nowhere... Otherwise people'd get confused and think that they boarded a train and exited a airplane," Squiggy said, dropping his bag on the ground.

Возможно, тебе еще неизвестно, что Агриппина давно имеет прелюбодейную связь с твоим помощником Паллантом. Я убежден, что эта связь не может привести ни к чему хорошему для. Впрочем, я всегда был против твоего брака с Агриппиной. Теперь ты знаешь, почему именно Паллант так горячо настаивал на том, чтобы ты взял ее в жены.

Cindy Williams mourns 'Laverne & Shirley' co-star Penny Marshall

who played shirley's mother on laverne & shirley

Вижу форму речи, слышу интонацию. Вижу, как надо существовать в его биографии. Приехал - уехал. Если бы остался, я бы не стал играть. Однажды студенты меня спросили - что такое ритм.

Laverne & Shirley Laverne and Lenny sing The Loo



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