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Lisbon coast holidays from ireland amanda frances life coach You know what they seldom tell you about in all those articles about dream overseas family holidays? The moments frlm pure terror, so petrifying that even thinking about them afterwards makes the blood drain to your feet. Exhibit A. on a recent family trip to Portugal, we were strolling away from a fantastic and incident-free lunch and my eldest was walking along the top of a low wall. Then suddenly the wall had a footpath on one side and a 15ft drop to lisbon coast holidays from ireland beach on lisbon coast holidays from ireland other. My heart stopped, time stood still - and she just hopped down unaided to safety.

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Marta and Place Are Fabulous 3. Located in the south of Europe, Lisbon is both vibrant and traditional. This fairly compact city is an excellent choice for a trip spent sightseeing, bar hopping or simply lounging at the beach. What to know before visiting Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport LIS serves the city and is conveniently just a 10-to-15-minute taxi ride to the very centre of the city. Check flights from Dublin or Cork.

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Surf or turf in Portugal - What more could you ask of a holiday? This fact has never interfered with my love of the sport. The spray of salty air; the tingly sensation of sun-licked skin; the excruciating excitement.

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