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Digital India: A list of popular government websites in India

List of websites with .gov domain jehovah witness money beliefs Macon Phillips, Director of the Office of Digital Strategy, discusses one of the first steps of the Campaign to Cut Waste which will target duplication and waste among federal websites. How our government uses the internet to communicate and deliver services is an obvious and critical part of this modernization effort. Today, there are nearly 2,000 top-level federal. This includes WhiteHouse. Keyword How to spot a fake government website The Infocomm Development Authority IDA said there is a growing number of fake government websites over the past few years. This is part of a larger upward trend in the number of phishing websites on the Internet. Phishing sites try to trick users into giving their personal or financial information, such as credit card numbers, identity card or passport numbers, or usernames and passwords, through the use of fake websites or e-mail masquerading as official sources.

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Fake News Reading the URL When evaluating a website there are several things to take into consideration, one of the first things to look at is the URL Uniform Resource Locator. a protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet this can often tell you several things about the website, the creator, the audience, the purpose and sometimes even the country of origin. The domain suffix is the end of the domain name the. For example, any commercial enterprise or corporation that has a web site will have a domain suffix of. Popular domain suffixes include ".

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