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The Best Places to Live Aboard a Boat in the United States

Living on a houseboat in florida does henry cavill have a partner But over the past decade or two, real estate prices have skyrocketed, so developers have torn down marinas to build more-profitable condominiums and hotels. Of the marinas that remain, few allow liveaboards. If they do, it's at only a few slips. There's usually a years-long waiting list.

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What if you could bring your house with you? More specifically, what if instead of a uHaul trailer, you drove… a boat? In my aversion to white picket fence home ownership , I have been researching alternative living arrangements. Perhaps the most intriguing is the world of houseboats. People who use a boat as their primary residence go by a number of different names, names which range from mildly boring to borderline offensive.

It means endless opportunities for recreation and adventure. For many people, living aboard a boat would be a dream come true.

Houseboat Living with MJ Hudson in Islamorada - Florida Keys 2.0

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Not all marinas allow liveaboards. Sometimes it's a case of their government permit not allowing permanent residents on boats in the marina. This is becoming the situation more often all over the United States. If you are still working in a job that requires you to go to an office or factory every day, you will need to find a place near your job. If, on the other hand, you are truly retired and can live anywhere your marina choices can be easier to make.



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