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Made in occupied japan marks marc katz customink email Certain types of antiques and collectibles speak for themselves. A Tiffany lamp or Waterford crystal goblet, for example, are highly lucrative items. And, based on their condition, these items will sell for more than yard sale prices. But sometimes looks can be deceiving. Occupied Japan Could you tell me what "made in Occupied Japan" means. I have a pitcher with this marked on the bottom. It is a hand painted dragon on it, with white blue and gold. Since I don't know that much about Japanese porcelain, or any recent porcelain really, I passed this question on to a seasoned OJ collector. You will also see items marked "Occupied Germany" - both of which are generally an insult to these countries.

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А во вгиковской картине в этой роли снимался Олег Борисов.