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Life is Strange Review: Maxine Caulfield, A Time-traveling Photographer

Max caulfield diary lisa copeland wikipedia No recent wiki edits to this page. The pair of them were nearly inseparable as kids. However, shortly after the death of Chloe's father, Max's parents uprooted and moved to Max caulfield diary.

max caulfield quotes

As anyone who played the original game will know, these two characters were central to the plot - with Max last time round being the lead character. While it was only a small segment of the game we got to play, it was clear Deck Nine tapped into everything that made the first LIS season so memorable. Once again, the world of Arcadia Bay teems with life.

Before I go on with my article, I have to mention that you can download and play the first episode of Life is Strange for free on Steam. Of course, watching a video for 10 minutes is not really enough to find out if a game is really good, but absolutely enough to get a first impression.

LIFE IS STRANGE BEFORE THE STORM EPISODE 1, secret journal easter egg (dream scene)

max caulfield quotes

По мнению Товстоногова, брови сделаны такими широкими, что тяжелят лицо, прячут. Актеру тоже так кажется, и преувеличение это его никак не устраивает. Не хочу, чтобы он был толстоносым, с волосами ежиком, это уже маска городничего, а надо, чтобы было лицо.

И в костюме Лавров ищет точности, конкретности: Где место для часов, где для очков и для бумажника.

[Midori TN] Art Journal - Life Is Strange (LIS)



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