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Enjoy Life Chicago: Black Professionals Social

Meetup chicago black professionals us instagram statistics We meet about twice a month, in the Rogers Park area. If money is your only obstacle…ask for what you want, offer what you can give. We are open meetup chicago black professionals trades and ways that you can contribute other than money. Video credit Chan C. Smith on Vimeo. The feeling of not being black enough in black spaces was a non issue and that is something that I've never felt before!

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Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Ask an average millennial how much they like networking and you are likely to get an eye roll in response. They often find it difficult, uncomfortable, and lacking genuine connection.

Seattle Latino/a Networking Professionals Meetup Group PROMO 2010

PDF Button As the recent spurt of new Meetup groups around women entrepreneurship attests, the population of women-owned startups in Chicago is growing. Women business owners have opportunities to thrive in Chicago, especially if they happen to be in tech.

Workplace Diversity: African American & Black Professionals



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