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A Week In Singapore On A $77,088 Salary

Money diaries singapore nba 2k14 my career crash after interview What was mispronounced? Optional. help us by adding the time Submit Thank you for your help! There have been many imitations, but the Money Diariesa series published by US website Refinery29, is the undisputed queen of the genre. Launched in 2016, its weekly publication of an anonymous spending diary soon became a daily event. The format is simple. an anonymous contributor provides a brief summary of her regular income and outgoings plus biographical details such as age, job money diaries singapore location, followed by a diary tracking daily spending on everything from clothes to coffees to money diaries singapore over the course of a week.

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I feel so amazing — I haven't slept this long in at least six weeks, as my son has been waking up multiple times per night. We've been sleep training him for the past two days using the leave and check method, and it's really paying off. I know people judge parents who sleep train, but in my opinion, it's short-term pain for long-term gain, for the whole family. I feel energized, so I get out of bed and make zucchini bread.

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I get changed into my gym gear and head out by 5.40. I eat a banana on my walk from my block to the train station, where I take the train using my pre-loaded card. Mondays are usually pretty quiet at work, but today I've got breakfast plans with a colleague. We go to a hawker center near our office basically a large food court with many stalls.

NYC Money Diary: What I Spend in a Week

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'Money Diaries' Financial Column and New Book Get Personal

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