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Mxr phase 90 serial numbers

Mxr phase 90 serial numbers mamba razer 2012 The original MXR and Dunlop layout suffered modifications; the first models used 6 single op-amps while the latest utilize 3 dual op-amps. Phase90 Models. This is the summary of the different versions of the Phase 90 circuit. Block Logo. started with the script logo version PCB inside. During the years some circuit modifications appeared. first mxr phase 90 serial numbers include 6 single op-amps later a feedback resistor R28 was added. Finally, the six single op-amps were replaced for three dual op-amps.

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Guessing on the serial number, this unit may have been manufactured around 2003 or 2004. The classic, original MXR Phase 90 is a fine specimen in vast number vintage effects that have earned their milestone status in guitar effects. So it is a classic for good reason.

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