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Thomas And Chess: Temperament Type Longitudinal Study And Findings

New york longitudinal study of temperament california times newspaper These two factors play into things as important as how New york longitudinal study of temperament will do in school to as simple as how long it will take her to ride a bike, or as mysterious as what her favorite picture book is going to be this time next year. They concluded that children whose environments and influences were well-suited to their personalities do better than the children whose environments and personalities fit together less well. The study they used to find these results began in 1956 and followed a group of over 100 then-infants until 1977.

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The study, conducted amongst young children, in its early days had such persons as Alexander Thomas, Stella Chess, Herbert G. Birch and Margaret Hertzig as principal contributors. The New York Longitudinal Study investigations included direct observation and also interviews with parents about their children. The team came up with ways of investigating individual styles of personality and temperament amongst children and discovered ways of identifying and giving a relevant rating to nine separate "qualities" associated with personality and temperament. In analysing their data, the nine characteristics that were identified by the team as being reliably scorable on a three-point scale medium, high and low were.- the level and extent of motor activity; the rhythmicity, or degree of regularity, of functions such as eating, elimination and the cycle of sleeping and wakefulness; the response to a new object or person, in terms of whether the child accepts the new experience or withdraws from it; the adaptability of behavior to changes in the environment; the threshold, or sensitivity, to stimuli; the intensity, or energy level, of responses; the child's general mood or "disposition", whether cheerful or given to crying, pleasant or cranky, friendly or unfriendly; the degree of the child's distractibility from what he is doing; the span of the child's attention and his persistence in an activity.

Borderline Personality Disorder - WHAT ARE EMOTIONS? (part 1)

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