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North korean uniform for sale under siege cast 1992 The DMZ is a stretch of land 250 km 155 miles long and 4 km 2. I went there five times before being banned by the North Korean regime. The both sides have huge differences but not in the way you may expect sometimes. The two Koreas have signed an armistice but north korean uniform for sale technically not at peace since the Korean War began in 1950. Reporting by Seungwoo Yeom. Updated 12 Sep 2018 16 images Advertisement Most North Koreans who break out do so by crossing the river border. Reuters team photographed and interviewed some of those who made it to Seoul. Jeong Min-woo, 29, is from Hyesan, on the border with China. South Korean intelligence confiscated it, but he persuaded his North Korean military contacts to send him a new one.

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