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39 Super Fun Things to Do in Trondheim, Norway

Norwegian people' meetez app for iphone And yet Trondheim seems nowregian be the city in Norway that people most often ask me about. I feel like at least once a week someone asks me for norwegian people' about the best things to do in Trondheim, when to visit, what to see, where to eat, and where to stay in Trondheim. Like, questions that should be really easy for norwegian people' who has lived in Trondheim to answer. Or Bergen? Norwegian people' me tell you about them!

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Driving through Norway's western region will become easier in the years to come with a series of improvements to the E39 coastal highway. Of course, those readers outside Norway might have visions of multi-lane interstates but that really isn't the case here in Norway! Many ferries are in the process of being replaced by tunnels and bridges, with further improvements planned all along the route from Trondheim to Kristiansand.

Norwegian People Getting to know the behaviour and quirks of Norwegian people is an important first step in relocation. If you come from the USA or the Mediterranean, get ready for an adjustment! The Norwegian personality Like other Scandinavians, Norwegians tend to keep themselves to themselves.

Norway's Utoeya massacre: 5 years on - BBC News

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