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Pasco County Florida – Clerk of Court

Pasco county courthouse hours 28 days later sequel Pasco County clerk of circuit court and comptroller About the candidate. A St. She joined the clerk's office as chief deputy in 2002 and served in that hpurs until her pasco county courthouse hours as clerk in 2008. Education. Bachelor's in leisure sciences from Missouri State University; master's in management from National Louis University; doctorate pasco county courthouse hours applied management and decision sciences from Walden University Why have you chosen to run for Pasco county clerk and comptroller at this time? Experience and education are important to the management of a billion-dollar budget, as well as collaboration with commissioners, judges, sheriff, public defender, state attorney, elected officials and the public. We have explored options from a global perspective and redesigned the organization to be responsive to customers, moving many services online and aligning with other best practices throughout the state.

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Pictures of the 1909 Historic Court House County government met in temporary facilities before Dade City was selected as the permanent county seat. The wooden court house constructed in 1891 is said to have been moved one block east after it was replaced with the 1909 court house. The wooden court house burned in 1922 or 1907-08, according to later accounts. The Dade City Banner apparently does not mention a fire in 1922.

Meet Deputy Theel - PCSO - Dade City Courthouse.

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