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Pentecostal and charismatic churches in ghana facebook groups list building It argues that Pentecostalism is what fulfils the aspirations and quest of Ghanaian African Christians in their search for authentic Christian life. Christianity came to west Africa as a western contextualised religion impinged by the nineteenth-century rationalisation, the product of the Enlightenment. This paper contends that Pentecostals influence the ethos and praxis of older mission churches in Ghana. Both are university graduates. She is a seamstress and owns a small retail shop. He is an accountant. This anecdote points to a bigger story about the church in Africa today, and the messages that some of its influential male leaders promote about masculinity, marriage and gender roles in society more broadly.


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In fact, the movement is reshaping religion in the twenty-first century. Thus St. In Africa the precursors of Pentecostalism were indigenous prophet figures, many who were persecuted out of historic mission denominations for pursuing spiritualities sometimes scandalously perceived by church authority as belonging to the occult. At the turn of the nineteenth century these prophets challenged Africans to throw away their traditional resources of supernatural succor and turn toward the living God of the Bible. Many of these revivalistic prophetic campaigns only resulted in independent churches when the prophets had left the scene.

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