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Will Soso & Poussey Get Together On 'Orange Is The New Black'? They Understand Each Other

Poussey and soso first meet life at ual By Sabienna Bowman July 9 2015 Everyone's favorite series about prison, Orange Is the New Black, capped off its third season with the potential introduction of a brand new love story. Soso and Poussey. The two characters were in each other's orbit all season long thanks to the cult of Norma, but it wasn't poussey and soso first meet the finale when they truly seemed to see each other. When they held hands during the magical pond dip scene, it was suddenly obvious to me that these two ladies are OTP material.

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They came from incredibly different backgrounds and didn't always see eye to eye. But they cared deeply about each other, right up until spoiler! Poussey's dying breath. The show's fourth season dove into Brook and Poussey's relationship, which touched on a myriad of issues. There was the heartbreaking moment when Brook told Judy King Blair Brown that Poussey suffered a rough life of poverty, with a mom addicted to crack.

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Soso was something of a punchline when she first showed up, irritating everyone because she couldn't stop talking, though her story gained more depth as she dealt with depression and isolation. Everyone else in the prison had a group to belong to except for her.

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