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Engaging Students Using Quizlet Live

Quizlet live reviews dating app logos for iphone Over the summer, I decided to have my teaching assistant make flash cards for my entire introduction quizlet live reviews business course. I recognized that some of the benefits from flashcards are derived by actually making them, yourself. After doing a little bit of research on possible tools, I quizlet live reviews to select Quizlet as the app for this function. Results In my recent mid-semester review, many students commented that the flashcards were contributing to their learning. However, I was concerned that the focus was still on memorization love not enough on application.


What Is It? Data sets include both text-based and visual study materials. The range of topics covered on Quizlet is pretty amazing. Students can remix existing sets or create their own. Adaptive learning technology helps students study effectively by offering more difficult questions as mastery increases.

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Therefore, smartphones can become a distraction, especially with the introduction of exciting new apps like Pokemon GO. However, students can be introduced to educational apps and shown how more productive use of their smartphones can help improve their academic studies Cochrane, 2015. By now, most teachers have already heard of or used Quizlet, the popular online education platform introduced in 2007. This was recognized by SimilarWeb 2016 as the fastest growing U. In Spring 2016, the Quizlet design team added a new game called Quizlet Live to their repertoire.


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