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Rachel Green Dating History: ‘Friends’ Characters She Dated on the Show

Rachels boyfriends on friends form 16 part a download from traces Copy Link Copied 12 Paolo This was truly the scummiest man Rachel chose to pursue a relationship with. Really, the relationship was based on nothing rachels boyfriends on friends sex appeal. They used each other to a certain degree. Paolo Cosimo Fusco hardly spoke English he was from Italybut that didn't stop him from making a pass at Phoebe when he was still with Rachel. More Articles August 31, 2018 Friends was more than just a show about friendship. It was, in many ways, about dating in New York City. And, no one dated quite as much as Rachel Green. Despite her series-long connection with Ross Geller , Rachel got around.

Friends - Rachel & Elizabeth's Dad Paul, Kiss, Ross... [ Bruce Willis ]

Oncologist Biologist One of the things that we always liked about Ross' character is that his passion for his work is written into pretty much every facet of his character. He is constantly talking about what he loves, even though everyone around him really wishes he wouldn't. You've got to have some respect for that level of passion in a man as old as he is.

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Contact Author Contrary to popular belief, Rachel is the best character on Friends. She's the only one to get less irritating as the series goes on, and she's one of the very few examples of characters on any show who becomes less of a caricature season by season, instead of getting totally flanderized. Rachel's self-assured, great at her job, and hilariously laid back at the best times remember when Ross did her makeup after she broke her ribs? Or when she had her wardrobe malfunction with Joshua's parents? Also, she shows courage, integrity courage again, and not-litigiousness.

Friends - Two Cute Guys for Rachel

Friends - Rachel & Joshua - Rachel's New Dress

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By James Tison June 5 2015 Who amongst us hasn't made some horrendous mistakes in our love lives? Finding the right person can feel like the most impossible task in the world, and nobody knew this better than Friends ' Rachel Green. Over the course of the show, Rachel dated a lot of different types of guys. Handsome foreigners remember Paolo? She was ruling the NYC dating game, and she didn't even need Tinder to do it. Rachel loved to take risks with her romantic entanglements, and she learned a lot about herself in the process.



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