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Protected: ”Is Heaven a Reality in my Heart?” – Philip Meldrum – Sunday 26 April 2015

Reality gospel church singles events bay ridge brooklyn How many times have reality gospel church rebelled against the article source of God and gone your own way? How many times have you put into practice the word of God because you are truly considerate of His burdens and seek to fulfill His desire? Understand the word of God and it into action. Be principled in your actions deality deeds; this is not abiding by rules or to do so grudgingly just for show. Rather, this is the practice of truth and living by reality gospel church word of God.

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We are located in Burson, California just outside of Valley Springs. We are a church passionate about reaching people from every generation with the love and reality of Jesus Christ. We have a tremendous calling to impact our community and help people of all ages reach their full potential in Christ. Join us every week to learn more about God and what you were created for. We are so excited about all that God is doing here at Burson Church and we are thrilled about your interest.

Gospel Drama II Shanti AG Church II Emotional & Reality Drama

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Он только говорит: Как вас тут. - и уходит к себе в кабинет, и оттуда сразу же слышится шум, топот, голоса.

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КРИСТИНА Ну, мало ли… Тебе же было хорошо. ИВАН Первый раз  всегда хорошо. А потом скучно. До зевоты. КРИСТИНА Фу, какой ты грубый… ИВАН (еле заметно зверея) Да, я .



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