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I Make Much More Than My Husband — Here’s How We Manage

Relationships where woman makes more money beau clark casting Foy has been the primary breadwinner. She started a career in banking right out of college. Foy, 36, who now runs a financial planning practice in Charlotte, N. Over the past half-century, gender roles in the United States have become much more egalitarian.

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Personal Spending Short-Term Goals We all have things we look forward to, and sometimes the anticipation that comes with saving for something we want brings us as much happiness as the goal itself. For me, that goal is travel. This is a challenge because my husband enjoys traveling, but not as much as I do. Our solution. Since my husband enjoys traveling, we share the cost, just not evenly.

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Don't Fall For The Two Income Trap!

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Caution! Women Who Make More Money than their Husband's