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Sāmoan Language Week — 28 May to 3 June

Samoan proverbs about culture twitter sarah dating around Starmound after Scott, S. Davidson eds. Auckland Inst. Jump to navigation Jump to search Samoan proverbs form an important part of the traditions and culture of Samoa where oratory , poetry, metaphors and subtelty in language art forms are held in high esteem as a form of communication in ceremony and ritual of fa'a Samoa. The proverbs were collected and authored by Rev George Pratt , an English missionary from the London Missionary Society who lived in Samoa for 40 years, mostly in Matautu on the central north coast of Savai'i Island. Let it be thrown on the deck of the large canoe. A depreciatory saying of a speaker.

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They are used by matais chief when matters of importance are discussed. It is a formal language and the proverbs can be difficult to understand. An orator is required so that an explanation can be given as the meaning can often be obscure. To give you an idea, some proverbs have been collected in Samoan along with the English translation of its meaning. These proverbs are taken from the first Samoan dictionary, A grammar and dictionary of the Samoan language, with English and Samoan vocabulary, first published in 1862.

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