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Five Big Takeaways from the 2018 Culture Summit

San francisco culture summit optically stimulated luminescence dating archaeology San francisco culture summit uniqueness is the fdancisco on how we improve engagement for employees, while not losing a focus on the end results for business. It marries nicely with our mission. There is so much value in learning innovative new practices that you can apply to the cultural challenges that we all face. Having gone to so many diversity and inclusion summits, workshops, gatherings, fireside chats, meetings, groups, none of them had the word 'culture' in the headlines. While culture may have been discussed at some point during the event, to 'lead in' with culture was very intriguing to me and the event did not disappoint. Knowing it would require creating a brave and safe place for employees to really have the opportunity to come to work as their true authentic self in a judgment free zone. I was most intrigued with the intent of ensuring there was a healthy dose of 'engagement' among attendees and there was nothing short of that during this 2-day adventure.

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Diversity, inclusion, belonging and employee experience aren't just buzzwords-- it's crucial framework for your company's culture. Culture is a critical part of company growth. In more than 300 interviews with these founders and CEOs, 94 percent of those interviewed said leaders must put employees first-- instead of customers -- to grow fast. To inspire creating a culture of belonging and happiness, there are a few conferences that help transform the way people think about work, although "conferences" isn't really the best word for the types of events you need to attend. Their organizers want to go beyond the traditional auditorium setting.

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